About me

Welcome to my website.

I'm Sharon Fishenden and I'm based in East Sussex.

My passion for photography goes back to the use of film cameras and when slides were the best way of recording images. At that stage I sold various photos directly to magazines and calendars.

When digital SLR's were produced, it was a revelation for me and a dream come true. This resulted in my using a succession of Canon 5D's culminating in my current use of my trusty 5D IV
with various Canon L lenses.

I absolutely love to travel! All my photographic trips allow me to convey my personal vision, capturing a permanent record of all the wonderful scenery and architecture abounding in each city/town/area, with each place having its own distinctive character to explore.

Harbours and waterscapes are my favourite genre (you probably will notice!) while I find views of mountain scenery and lakes awe-inspiring, particularly where light and shade project a 3D appearance.

When at home I enjoy photographing the seasonal beautiful flowers in their abundant colours, as well as local wildlife - when the opportunity arises.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos which to date comprise a visual diary of my extensive travels over the last decade or so in the UK, Europe, New England, Alaska and Canada.

During the last 3 years -pre-pandemic -, I have been fortunate to go on an annual cruise and have accordingly amassed a variety of images from those voyages, ie the Baltics, Norway and the Mediterranean and Adriatic. I have now set up new galleries within my Gallery to display these images.
In the next few months I intend adding further photos to my Gallery covering my other journeys and hope very much you will return to my website to view them.

Thank you for visiting my website.